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Cable Trays - Vertical

There is choice of three cable clamping system for cable routing.
(1) Cable routing across the 19” mounting angles at the sides
in depth.
(2) Cable routing across all 19” mounting angles.
(3) 19” cable menegement clamp for patch panels are clamped
behind the 19” mounting angles.
Material: Sheet steel, zinc plated.
Product Definition Dimensions (WxDxH) Free Standing
Wall Mounting
16U Cable Tray
11,5”x100x662  x  x        
20U Cable Tray 11,5”x100x840  x          
22U Cable Tray 11,5”x100x929  x  x        
26U Cable Tray 11,5”x100x1107  x  x  x      
32U Cable Tray 11,5”x100x1373  x  x        
36U Cable Tray 11,5”x100x1551  x  x  x      
39U Cable Tray 11,5”x100x1684  x  x  x      
42U Cable Tray 11,5”x100x1818  x  x  x      
44U Cable Tray 11,5”x100x1907  x  x        

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