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USB On-The-Go micro USB connectivity cable for Android™

Model: C-USBF-MI     Download PDF

Add true peripheral expandability to your Android. Tablet or Android. Smartphone.

Do you have the latest Android. Tablet, Smartphone or another Android. device, but are frustrated by the lack of expandability options for it, such as the lack of USB input or other peripheral options such as Card reader or memory stick input?

Many Tablet manufacturers, such as Google. and its Nexus range of Tablet computers do not feature Card reader functionality or other input ports because they have to keep costs to a minimum. This leads to frustration for users who may need to add, for example, to copy files to the device, add a mouse or keyboard, which of course greatly improves the functionality of all Tablets or Smartphones.

The new C-USBF-MI is a new breed of totally compatible USB OTG (onthe-
go) cables which simply plugs into any vacant micro-USB port and adds an immediate USB2.0 port, allowing connection of any compatible USB devices, without the need for any messy driver installs!

Add a totally new way to connect your existing USB mice, keyboards, Card readers and most other USB devices that you may have and gain a new experience for your Tablet or Smartphone – in an instant!

Add instant expansion!

IAdds a USB2.0 compatible port to your device
No drivers needed – Android™ recognises it automatically
Add a USB Card reader – copy movies, docs, tunes etc
Add a USB memory stick – edit and copy your files in an instant
Add a USB Keyboard – better typing than a touch screen, at your desk
Add a USB Mouse – better and more accurate navigation, at your desk
Does not void warranty – fully multi android™
vendor support, including ICS™ and jelly Bean™
Stylish and small, connect when you need to
Make use of your existing USB peripherals

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