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Mobile power charger for your Smartphone, Tablet or gaming device

Model: PBK68    Download PDF

The rechargeable power station for your mobile digital lifestyle.

Have you got the latest Smartphone, computing Tablet, MP3 or gaming device but are fed up with low-battery warnings when your out and about?

Modern devices are basically, small dedicated computing devices using power hungry CPUs, high-energy wireless communications and of course bright, high resolution colour displays. All of this creates a heavy load on the devices internal batteries, even the latest generation Li-ion battery technologies.

The new, completely rechargeable PBK-68 from LMS Data is your ideal companion for all your mobiles devices. Featuring a high capacity, 3000mAh rechargeable battery, all in a stylish, aluminium design, not much bigger than an AA battery. Total charging flexibilty is assured since it uses a standard USB-port for charging your device, including iPod., iPhone., Android. and Blackberry. compatible devices – simply use your existing USB charge cable!

Rechargeable mobile power station – 3000mAh capacity
Ideal for Smartphone, Tablets, Gaming devices, MP3 etc
Never run out of power while on the move again
Stylish, robust aluminium design – fits in your pocket
Fast charge time for your digital devices – intelligent charging
Approx. charge rate for phone – 500mAh/hour
Fast recharge time allows for daily use
Standard USB-port allows for your devices USB charge cable
Intelligent design for long life operation
Retail blister pack design – ideal for postal shipment


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