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Mini DisplayPort® to HDMI® adapter

Model: C-MDP-HDMI         Download PDF

Convert any Mini Dis playPort® on
your Mac or PC to full HDMI
® output.

Modern Apple® MacBook's and MacBook Pro's use a new, compact video output called Mini DisplayPort®, meaning they will not connect to your existing HDMI monitor, TV or projector. The same is for many Windows™ graphic cards which also feature this compact Mini DisplayPort™ interface, by-passing the current HDMI standard we used in the past.

The new LMS Data C-MDP-HDMI solves this issue and allows instant connection of your existing HDMI video device to be connected to any Mini DisplayPort®, quickly and of course without the need for any drivers or software to be installed. Ideal for Mac
® OS X, Windows 7™ or Windows 8™ as well as other leading operating systems, as the C-MDPHDMI works at the system level, meaning it's configured instantly.

Supporting up to 1920x1200 resolutions and of course full HDTV resolutions up to 1080p and allowing audio pass-through if supported by the video source*, the C-MDP-HDMI is ideal for digital entertainment from your computer to the big screen, business presentations, learning institutions and anyone else needing a compact, yet stylish HDMI adapter for the current MiniDisplay Port™ equipped computer.


Compact, self-powered MiniDisplay Port™ to HDMI™ output
Supports 1920x1200 resolutions and Full HD, 1080p
Supports MiniDisplayPort® 1.1a
Supports HDM 1.3a for high-clarity video
Connector A – MiniDisplayPort® 20-pin male
Connector B – HDMI® - 19-pin female
Ideal for Apple® MacBook™, MackBook Pro™ computers
Ideal for Windows™ based high-performance graphics cards
Supports audio pass-through up to 5.1 surround sound*
Compact, stylish and no software drivers needed

* Dependent on your HDMI output


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